Hand Poured Natural Soy Candles, White Glass.

Hand Poured Natural Soy Candles, White Glass.

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Sarah set out to make candles during covid after her mom was diagnosed with cancer, she wanted to create a candle for her that was free of additives, pthalates and parrafin.  Sincerely SarahJane Candle are thoughtfully made and mindfully packaged by hand in Seattle by Sarah. These candles are 100% soy, vegan, cruelty free and never contain additives or phthalates.  Soy is a cleaner burning candle which means it will last longer and release less particles into the air.  Her lovely glass containers would not only look chic on any counter, they are reusable and recyclable.  Finally a percentage of proceeds are donated to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.

Because there is no additives in these candles, their may be slight variants in the candles appearance, in our mind that makes them even more special.

8oz white glass jar.

Chai & Cinnamon (Golden) // When you sip that comforting beverage and the smell is even more toxicating than the taste.  Subtly golden.

Oatmilk & Spiced Pumpkin (Harvest) // Exactly what you hope is baking in the morning on a cold fall morning.  

Fig & Brown Sugar (Hygge) // Perfectly Cozy Chic, like waking up in cozy yurt on a crisp fall morning.  

Sea Salt & Amber Musk (Storm) // The scent of the coast as you storm watch.

Cypress & Dry Gin (Forage) // A stroll in the woods at sunset.

Cedar & Frasier Fir (Woodland) // That first deep breathe of crisp forest air.

Bergamot & Blood Orange (Daybreak) // Citrusy and Bright, clear those cobwebs out in the morning.